2018 Outstanding Dissertation Award (ODA)


The International Organization of Chinese Physicists and Astronomers (OCPA) welcomes nominations for the 2018 Outstanding Dissertation Award (ODA). The award is given annually to up-to-four Ph.D. recipients in in physics and/or astronomy world-wide of Chinese ethnicity world-wide. Each year the award carries a total cash prize of USD $1000. Each recipient may receive a maximum of USD $500.

An ODA candidate should be nominated by his/her thesis advisor and should have received the Ph.D. degree within the past two calendar years (January 1, 2016 to December 31, 2018). The following materials should be submitted to support the nomination:

  1. A brief statement by the nominator describing the research work for which the candidate is nominated, and its potential impact.
  2. A résumé and a list of significant publications of the candidate.
  3. Three letters of recommendation.

We strongly encourage that all nomination material be submitted in PDF format. The deadline for the receipt of the nomination material is April 30, 2019. The nomination will be active fore 2 calendar years, subjected to the condition delineated above. The nomination material should be emailed directly to the chair of the OCPA Awards Committee

                        Cheng Chin                                          cchin@uchicago.edu
                        Department of Physics                         (Tel) 773 702 7192
                        University of Chicago
                        929 E. 57th St.
                        Chicago, IL 60637, USA

2018-OutstandingDissertationAward (official award letter)


Past ODA Award winners:


HUANG, En-Chuan  (2016, UIUC, USA)

LIAO, Guo-Qian       (2016, Institute of Physics, CAS, China)

XU, Feihu                  (2016, Univ. of Toronto, Canada)

YI, Ming                    (2016, Stanford University, USA)

ZHAO, Yuxiang        (2017, USTC, Ph.D., Stony Brook University)


The recipient(s) of the ODA will be selected by a committee of distinguished physicists and astronomers. Some of the recent panelists include:


Lei Bao, Albert M. Chang, Jianping Chen, Xuan Gao, Rongli Geng, Nu Xu, Dongping Zhong, and Cheng Chin.


For information about OCPA, please see the OCPA home page at http://ocpaweb.org/home/