2020 OCPA Awards Announcement and Report

Achievement in Asia Award (Robert T. Poe Prize)       This year we have 8 excellent nominations for the 2020 OCPA Achievement in Asia Award (Robert T. Poe Prize). The OCPA..

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2021 OCPA Leadership Announcement

Dear colleagues and OCPA members: At the moment to celebrate the Chinese New Year, it is also the time for the OCPA to have a transition to a new leadership team as usual for every two years. I am..

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2020 OCPA Awards Nominations

Achievement in Asia Award (Robert T. Poe Prize) The International Organization of Chinese Physicists and Astronomers (OCPA) welcomes nominations for the 2020 Achievement in Asia Award (AAA) (Robert T..

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HAPP NOBEL Laureate Discussion Panel

HAPP will be holding its first virtual event online by Zoom with a Nobel Laureate Discussion Panelon "The Greatest Physics Discoveries of the 20th Century" on Friday 31st July from 5-7 pm BST. A Nobel..

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2019 OCPA award selection report

Achievement in Asia Award (Robert T. Poe Prize) Professor Jing Shu (Institute of Theoretical Physics, Chinese Academic of Sciences) is the winner of the 2019 OCPA Achievement in Asia Award (Robert T...

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OCPA Announcement 2020-1

Dear OCPA members, I hope that all of you have started a wonderful new year of 2020. On behalf of the OCPA past President Dr. Nu Xu and President Dr. Dongping Zhong, I would like to make the following..

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