2021 ODA Awardee - Hui Wang


Hui Wang
University of Science and Technology of China

Citation: For his outstanding contribution to quantum-dot single-photon sources and boson sampling.

Bio: Hui Wang attended University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) in 2011, and received his B.A. in atomic and molecular physics in 2015. Then he joined the group of Chao-Yang Lu and Jian-Wei Pan in USTC for a doctoral degree, where he worked on photonic quantum computing, especially the quantum light sources and quantum advantage via boson sampling. Hui developed transform-limited single photon sources which enabled him then to demonstrate the first five-photon boson sampling which surpasses all previous works more than 5 orders, and the first boson sampling with 20 input photons and a 60-mode interferometer. Later on, Hui and colleagues successfully built Jiuzhang and realized quantum computational advantage. Hui also demonstrated two new methods of high-performance single-photon sources using polarized microcavities and dichromatic pulses. He received his Ph.D. in 2020 and is currently a USTC associate research fellow focusing on scalable room-temperature quantum computing.