2018 APS Fellows


Chan, Siu-Wai
Columbia University
Citation: For observing and understanding the grain boundary dislocation
motion in materials, providing a seminal impact on superconducting thin
film boundary devices, and inventing a novel ecological synthesis
technique of nano-crystals oxides for catalysis applications.
Nominated by: Forum on Industrial and Applied Physics

Chen, Jacqueline H.
Sandia National Laboratories California
Citation: For fundamental insights into turbulence-chemistry
interactions revealed through massively parallel direct numerical
Nominated by: Division of Fluid Dynamics

Chu, Gilbert
Stanford University
Citation: For contributions at the intersection of physics and life
sciences, including PET, electrophoresis, and statistical methods for
microarrays. For discovering and characterizing proteins involved in DNA
repair and developing instrumentation for assessing toxicity associated
with cancer chemotherapy.
Nominated by: Division of Biological Physics

Chu, Ming-Chung
The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Citation: For pioneering work in neutrino physics experiment in Daya
Bay, and for his dedicated efforts in nurturing, promoting and
internationalizing the STEM education in Hong Kong, as well as promoting
international collaboration through the Daya Bay reactor neutrino
experiment and ATLAS.
Nominated by: Forum on International Physics

Dai, Xi [2018]
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Citation: For contribution in using ab initio calculations to pinpoint
the material systems that realized quantum anomalous Hall effect, the
Weyl Fermion, and 3D topological insulators.
Nominated by: Division of Condensed Matter Physics

Hu, Jiangping
Chinese Academy of Sciences
Citation: For seminal contributions to iron-based superconductors and
other strongly correlated electron systems and to the theory of higher
dimensional quantum Hall effect.

Lau, Shu Ping
Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Citation: For seminal contributions to the fundamental understanding of
the optical properties of nanostructured semiconductor materials,
especially quantum dots and significant impact on the use of these
materials for optoelectronic and energy storage devices.
Nominated by: Division of Materials Physics

Li, Xiuling
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Citation: For seminal contributions to the fundamental understanding and
technical innovations to epitaxial growth, fabrication, and applications
of semiconductor nanowires and nanomembranes, towards making electronic
and photonic devices smaller, faster, and cheaper.
Nominated by: Division of Materials Physics

Liu, Chen-Yu
Indiana University Bloomington
Citation: For the development of bright sources of ultracold neutrons
and for precision measurements of the free neutron lifetime and neutron
decay correlation coefficients.
Nominated by: Division of Nuclear Physics

Lo, Hoi-Kwong
University of Toronto
Citation: For numerous fundamental contributions to the theory and
practice of quantum cryptography, as well as contributions to the theory
of entanglement and quantum communications.
Nominated by: Division of Quantum Information

Wang, LianTao
University of Chicago
Citation: For novel contributions to jet sub-structure studies
(jet-trimming), facilitating LHC searches for Higgs boson, dark matter,
supersymmetry and new dynamics in the electroweak sector, and pioneering
explorations for future e+e- and hadron colliders.
Nominated by: Division of Particles and Fields

Wei, Mingsheng
General Atomics
Citation: For contributions to the field of experimental high intensity
laser plasma interactions and in particular for improved understanding
of hot electron transport with regard to applications such as fast
ignition fusion and ion acceleration.
Nominated by: Division of Plasma Physics

Wu, Congjun
University of California, San Diego
Citation: For research in helical edge liquids of topological
insulators, itinerant magnetism, novel states of matter including cold
fermions with high symmetries, orbital physics in optical lattices,
spinorbit coupled Bose-Einstein condensates, and for work on the quantum
Monte-Carlo sign problem.
Nominated by: Division of Condensed Matter Physics

Wu, Junqiao
University of California, Berkeley
Citation: For developing and understanding narrow-bandgap nitride
semiconductors and highly mismatched alloys, for pioneering the physics
of point defects and interlayer coupling of twodimensional
semiconductors, and for discovering non-quasiparticle electro-thermal
transport in strongly correlated metals.
Nominated by: Division of Materials Physics

Wu, Ying
Duke University
Citation: For outstanding contributions to the Duke University storage
ring Free-Electron Laser and High Intensity Gamma Source upgrades.
Nominated by: Division of Physics of Beams

Xiong, Qihua
Nanyang Technological University
Citation: For outstanding contributions to semiconductor nanomaterials
synthesis, advanced optical spectroscopy and mechanistic understanding
of light-matter interactions, leading to semiconductor laser cooling and
high performance nanolasers.
Nominated by: Division of Materials Physics

Yang, Ping
Texas A&M University
Citation: For sustained pioneering research in light scattering and
radiative transfer with various applications, especially in remote
sensing of the Earth’s atmosphere.
Nominated by: Forum on Industrial and Applied Physics

Yang, Shu
University of Pennsylvania
Citation: For contributions to the geometric design and controlled
assembly of soft matter.
Nominated by: Topical Group on Soft Matter

Zhang, Ruiqin
City University of Hong Kong
Citation: For path-breaking contributions to the development of
quantum-mechanical many-body methods as well as modeling and simulation
of large electronic systems such as those with nanosurfaces, promoting
their applications in the fields of environment, energy, biology and
Nominated by: Division of Computational Physics

Nominated by: Division of Condensed Matter Physic