2016 Outstanding Young Researcher Award (Macronix Prize)


The International Organization of Chinese Physicists and Astronomers (OCPA) welcomes nominations for the 2016 Outstanding Young Researcher Award, OYRA (Macronix Prize). The OYRA (Macronix Prize) is given annually to one to two physicist(s) and/or astronomer(s) of Chinese ethnicity working in North America, Europe, or other regions outside Asia, to encourage and recognize the young researcher’s contributions in physics or astronomy. The award to each recipient will carry a cash prize of U.S. $2000, thanks to the generous support of the Macronix Education Foundation.

An OYRA candidate should be nominated by the Department Chair/Head of his/her institution (universities, national and industrial labs) and should have received the Ph.D. degree within the past ten years. The following materials should be submitted to support the nomination:

1. A brief statement by the nominator describing the research work for which the candidate is nominated.

2. A résumé and a list of major publications of the candidate.

3. Three letters of recommendation.

4. No more than three major publications (in PDF format) of the research based on which the candidate is nominated.

We strongly encourage that all nomination material be submitted in PDF format to the Awards chair by email. The deadline for the receipt of the nomination material is April 30, 2016. The nomination will be active for 2 calendar years, subjected to the conditions delineated above. The nomi­nation material should be sent directly to the chair of the OCPA Awards Committee

Nu Xu [nxu@lbl.gov]

Central China Normal University and Mobile: 510-289-8119

MS70R0319 Phone: 510-495-2951

One Cyclotron Road Fax: 510-486-4818

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Berkeley, CA 94720, USA


Past OYRA Award winners include

ZHANG, Shou-Cheng (1992, Stanford University)

HWA, Terence T.L. (1993, University of California, San Diego)

SHEN, Zhi-Xun (1993, Stanford University)

WEN, Xiao-Gang (1994, Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

XIAO, Gan (1994, Brown University)

SUEN, Wai Mo (1995, Washington University)

JIANG, Hong Wen (1996, University of California, Los Angles)

DU, Rui Rui (1997, University of Utah)

QIU, Zi Qiang (1997, University of California, Berkeley)

YEH, Nai-Chang (1998, California Institute of Technology)
HU, Wayne (1999-2000, University of Chicago)
MA, Chung-Pei (2000-2001, University of Pennsylvania)
YAO, Zhen (2001-2002, University of Texas)
DAI, Pengcheng (2002-2003, University of Tennessee)

LO, Hoi-Kwong (2002-2003, University of Toronto)
YANG, Kun (2002-2003, Florida State University)

CAO, Hui (2003-2004, Northwestern University)

FENG, Jonathan (2003-2004, University of California, Irvine)
DUAN, Luming (2004-2005, University of Michigan)

CHIN, Chang (2005-2006, University of Chicago)

LIU, W. Vincent (2006-2007, University of Pittsburgh)

CHAN, Ho Bun (2007-2008, University of Florida)

WANG, Feng (2007-2008, University of California, Berkeley)

WU, Congjun (2007-2008, University of California, San Diego)

RUAN, Chong-Yu (2008-2009, Michigan State University)

ZHONG, Dongping (2008-2009, Ohio State University)

QI, Xiaoliang (2009-2010, Stanford University)

XU, Cenke (2010-2011, University of California, San Diego)

CHEN, Yulin (2011-2012, Oxford University)

XUAN, Gao (2011-2012, Case Western Reserve University)

FU, Liang (2012-2013, Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

HO, Shirley (2013-2014, Carnegie Mellon University)

NI, Kang-Kuen (2013-2014, Harvard University)

Li, Lu (2014-2015, University of Michigan)

Shih, David (2014-2015, Rutgers University)

The recipient(s) of the OYRA (Macronix Prize) will be selected by a panel of distinguished physicists and astronomers. Some of the recent panelists include:

Moses H.-W. Chan, Paul C.-W. Chu, Steven Chu, Tao Han, Xiangdong Ji, Choy Heng Lai, Patrick A. Lee, T. D. Lee, Steven G. Louie, Kam-Biu Luk, Jen-Chieh Peng, Lu Sham, Yuen-Ron Shen, Ping Sheng, Frank Shu, Ta-Liang Teng, Sam C.C. Ting, Daniel Tsui, Xiao-Gang Wen, Tung-Mow Yan, C. N. Yang, Nai-Chang Yeh, Linda Young, Li Hua Yu, and Shou-Cheng Zhang.

For information about OCPA, please see the OCPA home page at http://ocpaweb.org/home/