OCPA Colloquium 2021-1203 Jun Ye


We are excited to announce the Colloquium by Professor Jun Ye from JILA and NIST.

Title: Quantum matter, clock, and fundamental physics 



Precise engineering of quantum states of matter and major advances in optical coherence and laser technology are revolutionizing the performance of measurement instruments to new levels, including atomic clocks. Ultracold Sr atoms loaded into arrays of optical traps highlights new measurement capabilities arising from the exploration of quantum science and precision physics. This increasingly powerful precision frontier is promising greater opportunities for probing fundamental physics and emerging phenomena.


The colloquium will be held online at 4:00–5:30 PM EST on Friday 12/3/2021. 


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Jun Ye is a Fellow of JILA and a Fellow of NIST.  He is a member of the National Academy of Sciences, a Fellow of APS, and a Fellow of OSA. His research focuses on the frontiers of light-matter interactions that include precision measurement, quantum science, ultracold matter, and frequency metrology. He has co-authored 380 scientific papers and delivered 600 invited talks. Awards and honors include Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics, Micius Quantum Prize, N.F. Ramsey Prize, I.I. Rabi Award, US Presidential Rank Award (Distinguished), four Gold Medals from the U.S. Commerce Department, Foreign Member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Frew Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science, I.I. Rabi Prize, European Frequency and Time Forum Award, Carl Zeiss Award, William F. Meggers Award, Adolph Lomb Medal, Arthur S. Flemming Award, Presidential Early Career Award, Friedrich Wilhem Bessel Award, Samuel Wesley Stratton Award, and Jacob Rabinow Award.  Group web page,


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