2023 AAA Awardee - Kam Tuen Law


Kam Tuen Law
The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Citation: For his discovery of Ising superconductors and pioneering theoretical works on Majorana fermion physics and unconventional superconducting phenomena.

Bio: Professor Kam Tuen Law is a Physics Professor at The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. He received his BSc degree from HKUST in 2003 and completed his PhD degree at Brown University in 2008. He then worked as a Croucher Postdoctoral Fellow at MIT with Prof. Patrick Lee. He joined HKUST as an assistant Professor in 2011. Prof. Law did pioneer works on the study of Majorana fermions in topological superconductors, including predicting the quantized tunnelling conductance and spin-selective Andreev reflections induced by Majorana fermions. He co-discovered Ising superconductivity in transition metal dichalcogenides with two experimental groups in 2015 and has since uncovered many novel properties of Ising superconductors theoretically. Many of his predictions were verified experimentally. His current research interests include studying quantum metric effects in flat band materials with quantum metric and interacting phases in moiré materials. Prof. Law has received several awards, including the Croucher Innovation Award (2015) and is a Hong Kong Research Grants Council Research Fellow (2020). He is also an elected member and the Founding President (2018-2021) of the Hong Kong Young Academy of Sciences.

Website: https://phlaw.ust.hk